When Finland will be the first country to use the Pisa-inspired Pisa Digital Currency

Finland will launch the country’s first digital currency on September 25.

The digital currency will be called Pisa digital currency.

The Finnish government and central bank are expected to issue the digital currency at a special event in Helsinki on September 24.

The currency is designed to help citizens to save on their utility bills and other bills that they do not have to pay.

The Pisa initiative, announced in June last year, aims to digitise the entire economy and eliminate the need for costly bureaucracy and unnecessary paperwork.

The digital currency is being launched by Finnish digital wallet company Pisa, which is partnering with the Finnish government to develop and test the PISA-inspired digital currency using blockchain technology.

According to Pisa co-founder Jussi Nyman, the Finnish currency will help citizens save money in real time and reduce bureaucracy.

“Finland will be first country in the world to adopt the Pisi digital currency,” he said in a statement.

“The currency will also help people save time and simplify their daily lives, he added.

The project was launched by Pisa in June this year and the company aims to launch its digital currency in 2018.

In a video released by PISA on September 18, Nyman described the digital-currency as “a new type of digital currency that is created and controlled by the people, who can vote with their money and the country will get its first currency.””

Our goal is to transform society by using digital currency and we are doing our part.”

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