When to buy and sell the Canadian dollar

When you buy the Canadian Dollar, it is very important to be aware of its fluctuating value.

Here is what to do when the Canadian currency is near a high and you want to sell it at a low price.


Sell the Canadian Dollars at a High Price You can buy and resell the Canadian dollars at a high price.

The value of a Canadian dollar is often determined by its exchange rate, and the rate you sell at the time is the price you will get if you sell the currency at the current exchange rate.

For example, a Canadian Dollar bought at US$1.27 is selling for US$2.13, while a Canadian Yen at US¢1.50 is selling at US$,1.60.

This is the same with the Canadian pound, the British Pound and Australian Dollars.

If the Canadian and US Dollar exchanges are close at the moment, the value of the Canadian is likely to be close to the price of the US Dollar at the same time.


Sell Canadian Dollars below the Exchange Rate You can sell Canadian Dollars for a lower price when the exchange rate is close at an all-time low.

This will happen if the Canadian economy has been adversely affected by the global financial crisis.

For instance, if the economy of Canada has lost confidence in the US dollar as the official currency, the exchange rates between the two currencies will likely be at a premium.

A low exchange rate will result in a price you can sell at, whereas a high exchange rate results in a high profit.


Buy Canadian Dollars on Credit You can use your savings to buy Canadian Dollars in a hurry, or you can borrow them for a higher price.

If you are able to borrow money for a certain amount of time, the bank will be able to lend you the Canadian Yen or Canadian Dollar at a fixed interest rate.

You will not need to worry about interest rates as you will be buying Canadian Dollars with your savings.


Sell US Dollars on the Exchange Rates When the exchange value of your Canadian Dollar fluctuates, you can also sell US Dollars at an exchange rate lower than the current one.

This means that you will need to find a cheaper price for your US Dollars in order to pay off your debt.

When the Canadian government announces that they are going to cut interest rates to 3.5 per cent from 4 per cent, there will be no need to sell US dollars to buy US Dollars.

The exchange rate between the US and Canadian dollars will be at an even higher level than when they are trading at the present exchange rate of US$0.74, or US$3.60 per US Dollar.

So when you want a low-interest rate mortgage to pay for your debt, you should look for a low exchange rates option when the US or Canadian dollar exchanges are near an all time low.

You can find out more about the exchange prices for US Dollars by visiting the Bank of Canada website, or by calling the bank’s customer service line on 1300 554-2500.

You also can buy Canadian dollars with Australian Dollars and other foreign currencies on the Bank’s website, at a lower cost.

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