China and India announce deal for 3G mobile internet service

New Delhi, India — India and China have agreed to provide a 3G/4G internet service to Bangladesh in a deal that could be worth billions of dollars.

The agreement between the two countries is expected to help strengthen connectivity between the nations and pave the way for new global business opportunities.

The agreement, which is expected for a signing ceremony on July 14 in Beijing, comes a month after India announced the formation of the Bangladesh Digital Development Authority (BDDA), which will focus on developing technology-intensive industries.

“This is the largest ever joint development agreement between India and Bangladesh.

We have reached an agreement that will enable our countries to develop a 3D, digital platform for the Internet of Things and mobile broadband connectivity in Bangladesh,” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said during a ceremony attended by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Bangladesh’s President.

India has been eyeing Bangladesh for a number of years and has been considering expanding the country’s telecommunications infrastructure to support the construction of new telecom networks and infrastructure, including high-speed internet networks, which could be a boon for India.

Modi’s visit comes as the Bangladesh government has announced the launch of a new online platform called the Digital Bangladesh.

It will be used to create a national database of goods, services and people that are manufactured and sold in Bangladesh.

The Digital Bangladesh will also provide online services for businesses, consumers and consumers of goods and services, among others.

Bangladesh will be the second Asian country to have a digital infrastructure project after the country is joining the World Trade Organization (WTO).

China is already the third-largest market for Bangladeshi goods.

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