China says it wants US to ‘end economic strangulation’

China has urged the United States to “end economic isolation” in a letter to the US Treasury Department.

In a letter published on the Department of the Treasury’s website, the Chinese foreign ministry called on the US to “begin a broad-based and effective economic recovery, including a revival of American manufacturing and services, and a revival in US exports” and to “reinvigorate the global economy”.

“It is necessary to end economic strangulations and stop isolating the Chinese people and the world from China,” the letter said.

“We believe the United State has the power to end the economic strangulatedness and to revive global cooperation and economic growth in a way that will benefit both the US and China.”

The US Treasury issued a statement saying it was “unable to respond” to the letter, which it said was a “response” to China’s requests.

“The United States has the authority to take action as it deems appropriate in accordance with our foreign relations policy,” the statement said.

The US government did not say when it would issue its response to the Chinese request.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has previously expressed interest in joining the WTO but has also said it does not want to be an observer.

The Trump administration has said it wants to lift trade barriers between the US, China and Mexico, and has proposed a trade deal with both nations.

The latest move from China could help the US push back against the threat of a trade war between the world’s two biggest economies.

The administration said on Thursday it was considering lifting the ban on imports from China, which has led to billions of dollars of tariffs and currency controls.

It also plans to create a new bilateral economic partnership with Taiwan, which China considers an “enemy state”.

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