Which currency is Bolivia? Here’s what you need to know

Bolivians are increasingly embracing cryptocurrencies, which offer a way to exchange local currencies in the country.

Here are five things you need know about the Bolivian peso and how it’s changing.


The Bolivians are using cryptocurrency to exchange their bolivian currency for foreign currency.

The national currency, the Bolívar, is the official currency in Bolivia.

But the Bolivan peso, a national currency issued by the Bolivisto Obrero, is also a popular way to buy and sell goods and services in the Bolivas economy.

Bolivans can convert bolivías to pesos, dollars and other international currencies through online platforms like Localbitcoins.

Bolivia’s official exchange rate is set at 6,400 bolivis per U.S. dollar.

The local currency in the city of Cochabamba, capital of the Bolivia Republic, is set to rise to 5,800 bolivias per U and B dollars on December 4.

According to the Bolivismo Obreras, this is a “temporary change” until the exchange rate adjusts.


Bolives government has announced plans to convert its national currency to digital currency.

In October, President Evo Morales announced the Bolives National Finance and Trade Commission would convert the Boliguan peso to digital money.

The plan was announced in December.

In an email to reporters, Boliviana’s National Finance Minister Rafael Guzman said that the conversion was aimed at “making sure that the Bolivalan people can access all the information they need to manage their own affairs.”

The plan is not a complete solution, however, as it is not clear when it will take effect.


The government plans to introduce a virtual currency in 2018, but is not saying how much it will cost.

According a spokesperson for the government, the virtual currency will cost $1,200 to $1.50 per bolivi.

The official Bolivarian peso is pegged to the U.K. pound, which is worth about $1 to $2.

However, some local exchange sites like LocalBitcoins and Bitstamp allow users to convert bolívias to bitcoin, litecoin or other digital currencies.


Bolivismos government wants to give more information to citizens about the virtual currencies.

On December 6, the government announced it will provide information about the digital currency conversion and its rate.

This information will include “how the Boliveran peso will be converted into and out of virtual currencies.”

The government said this will help citizens understand how to “invest in their Bolivivia,” and also give them an idea about the inflationary nature of Bolivia’s national currency.


A virtual currency called Bolivivi is being created to allow Bolivias citizens to transact in virtual currencies outside of the country, like in other countries like South Africa and Japan.

According the website of the virtual wallet, which will allow Bolivan citizens to “lend money, transfer credit and exchange currency,” it will be used to buy food and other goods.

The website also mentions that the virtual money will be “in the form of a payment card, debit card or digital wallet.”

This would make it possible for Bolivis to exchange foreign currencies with foreign customers.

According, there are plans to open virtual currency accounts in all the major U.N. agencies, like the World Food Program, the United Nations Children’s Fund, the U,N.

Development Program and the World Health Organization.

It is not known how much money the virtual wallets will hold, though it is speculated to be “at least $5 billion.”

The official currency will also be exchanged at an international market in 2019.

This will help to prevent inflation, which the Bolivenas government has been battling for decades.

This article originally appeared on The Huffington View, a news and opinion website focused on technology, design and data.

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