How did the Pula currency exchange rate get so out of whack?

By JEFFREY VAN NUISENMAN, Associated Press Pula is a tiny country in Central and South America, a vast region of mountains, rivers and deserts.

It’s the smallest country in South America with a population of about 2.5 million people.

It sits on a remote stretch of land that borders Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay.

The currency, known in Pula as PPT (Plural Público) or the national currency, is not the local currency.

Instead, it is the national symbol, and has been since the beginning of the 20th century.

But when the PPT fell in the 1980s, it did so in a huge loss of $3.2 billion, according to the Central Bank of Paraguay, the central bank.

The central bank reported that as of January 1, 2018, about 2 percent of Paraguayan GDP had been lost due to PPT devaluation.

“It’s a great shock to our economy, and to the population, and the people have been very upset,” said Julio Rangel, the president of the Púbalo Society of Pula, a non-governmental organization.

The PPT has been a symbol of the country’s poor economic history since the 1960s.

It was introduced as a means of payment in 1957, when Paraguay was still a monarchy.

Since then, the country has been ruled by the Catholic Church and the government has not fully embraced the concept.

“We had to get rid of this currency because it was a form of exploitation,” Rangel said.

“There was a lot of theft, and we needed to find a way to pay off this debt.

So we replaced it with a new currency that was a new form of currency.”

It’s a form that is different than the currency that the Central Banks of Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina use to exchange dollars.

“The current currency has a lot more value because it’s more easily recognized,” Rabel said.

But it’s still a form with a lot to lose.

According to the Páblicos statistics bureau, the PPP was the fifth-worst performing currency in the world, behind only the currencies of the United States, Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil.

The most expensive currency on the market is the Canadian dollar, but Paraguay has not been able to recover the lost PPP.

In addition to losing the PPUB, the government also lost about $3 billion in other currencies.

It lost about half of its reserves in the last six months, said Rangel.

“When you’re in a crisis like this, it’s very hard to find the dollars to pay for everything you need,” Raulo said.

Rangel and his fellow Púbolos are fighting back.

They have been organizing protests to protest the government’s efforts to devalue the currency.

The protests, organized in the capital, Cartagena, have become a regular event, and they’re planning to hold another protest on Saturday.

But Rangel says he is not worried about the protests.

“They’re trying to hurt our economy and our people,” he said.

This is a currency that is worth more than anything else in Paraguay.

“But what happens next is uncertain.

The economy is still fragile.

Paraguay is still in a recession, and with no money coming in to pay the bills, many Púbos are struggling to make ends meet.

The country is also in a severe economic crisis, with inflation running at around 80 percent.

As of February, there were about 18,000 cases of malnutrition, and there are about 14,000 children in need of food aid.

The next steps for the country are unclear. “

This is a crisis that will take years,” Raelo said, “but we’re going to do our best to try and help the people.”

The next steps for the country are unclear.

The government has indicated that it will accept PPT and other currencies that are less susceptible to currency devaluation, but Rangel is skeptical.

“What are the chances that the central banks of these countries are going to give them the support they need?”

Rangel asked.

“In the end, they’re going have to find some other solution.”

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