Israeli authorities announce the end of all foreign travel to the West Bank

Israeli authorities on Tuesday announced the end to all travel to and from the West Banks, a move they said was in response to a spate of Palestinian attacks on Israeli Jews in the occupied territories.

The announcement comes a day after Israel said it would close the Gaza border to Palestinians, effectively closing off the enclave in the most significant diplomatic move yet to Israel’s disengagement from the occupied Palestinian territories.

It also came as Israeli forces continued to pound the West bank, which has been the focus of intense Israeli military operations since 2014.

The move is the latest in a series of Israeli actions aimed at halting the movement of Palestinians in the West.

Israel said in August it would stop all international flights to the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip, citing the rise of militant attacks there.

It has also banned Palestinian and Israeli tourists from entering the area, and is cracking down on entry of people from Jordan, Lebanon and Turkey, a major transit hub for Palestinians crossing into the West of the country.

The West Bank is home to roughly 200,000 Palestinians, of whom roughly 90 percent live in the coastal enclave of the Westbank, which Israel seized in 1967.

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