How the Dutch are struggling to get back into the Eurozone

Dutch government officials say they’re still waiting to see if a Brexit deal between Britain and the European Union will help them recover their currency, the Dutch dutch franc.

The euro rose on Tuesday to $1.2222, a level not seen since February 2016 when it began trading at $1 and has since recovered slightly.

“We’re still working on the details of the deal, but it’s not too bad.

We’re optimistic,” said a senior Dutch government official, who declined to be identified.

It’s still early days for the Dutch government.

The EU has been negotiating for more than two years with the UK, and there are signs that the negotiations have been far from satisfactory.

As part of its deal with the EU, Britain is also expected to leave the European Economic Area, the bloc’s passport-free zone.

The Dutch government has argued that the EU should not leave the EEA and should stay.

But many of the issues in the Brexit negotiations have not yet been settled.

One of the key issues that has been overlooked is the question of a border between the UK and the EU.

Brexit negotiators have suggested that the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland should be opened.

Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier has said he wants the border to be closed between Northern and Southern Ireland.

But many Northern Irish nationalists, who have campaigned for a border to remain, oppose this, saying it would put an additional strain on the already-fragile Irish economy.

Barnier has also said he does not want Northern Ireland to become part of the European single market, which would allow goods from Northern Ireland into the bloc.

So, if Britain wants to continue trading with the European market, it would need to sign up to the single market.

While the UK has said that it will not be part of any future customs union, it could have a say in whether customs between the two countries is opened.

A number of countries, including Ireland, the Netherlands and the United States, have said they are open to such a customs union.

This could be a major hurdle for the Brexit talks.

A Brexit deal could also be needed for the Netherlands to return to the euro, which it joined in 2004.

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