How to convert USD to EUR from EUR using Coinbase and a Bitcoin Exchange

The conversion process to convert US dollars to Euro using Coinbase is simple, but not easy to follow.

That’s because there are a lot of different ways to convert dollars to euros, but Coinbase is the only one that supports all of them.

And, since you can use a Coinbase account for multiple currencies, you don’t need to be a bitcoin enthusiast to convert your US dollars into euros.

So here are the steps to converting US dollars from EUR to EUR using Bitcoin.


Go to Coinbase and log in with your Coinbase account.


Click on the “Deposits” tab.


In the “Transfer Funds” section, enter the amount of US dollars you want to convert and click “Calculate” to confirm your withdrawal.


You will be shown the amount you have to convert.

Click “Add Funds” to add the amount and click the “Done” button to exit Coinbase.

The conversion takes about five minutes.

So, if you’re in a hurry and don’t have time to read through the whole thing, here’s how to convert Euros to US dollars: 1.

Click the “Buy” button.


Select the currency you want the amount to be converted to and click on “Add.”


In “Transaction Details,” enter the USD amount, the Euro amount, and the conversion currency.

You can enter as many currencies as you want.

You don’t even need to know the conversion rate to do it, because Coinbase can automatically calculate it. 5.

The total amount of the order will be deducted from your balance and will show on your balance.


Click OK to continue.

You’re done!

It’s as easy as that!


How to Convert US Dollars to Euros from Bitcoin via Coinbase and Bitcoin Exchanges 1.

Open your Coinbase Account 2.

Go on the right side of your Coinbase dashboard 3.

Click to the “Customize” tab 4.

Click and drag a bar from the bottom to the top.


On the top left, select “Add Currency” and then click on the “+” symbol to add a currency.


Click a bar in the bottom left to add another currency.


Choose a currency you already know and click OK. 9.

Click another bar in your bottom left and add another exchange.


Drag the bar from your top right to your bottom right to add your new currency.


Repeat this process until you have converted your currency to euros.


If you need to use your BTC for your purchases, click on Coinbase and enter the BTC amount and BTC price.

You should receive an email that includes a confirmation email and instructions on how to complete the transaction.


You are now ready to transfer your euros to USD.

1) Go to your Coinbase wallet, tap on “My Wallet” and select “Bitcoin Wallet.”

2) Enter the BTC value of your bitcoins and press “Add” to send your bitcoins to your BTC address.

3) On the next page, select your currency and press the “Add USD” button and wait for your transaction to be completed.

You have successfully converted your bitcoins from Euros to dollars!

It took about five or six minutes to convert a total of $4,600 in USD.

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