Iran, Nigeria to set up digital currency trading exchange in Nigeria

Iran, the world’s third largest oil exporter, is set to set to establish a digital currency exchange in Niger, with the aim of boosting digital trade.

A statement on the official Twitter account of the National Iranian Oil Company (NIOC) said the Iranian Oil Agency had “completed the necessary regulatory process in Nigeria, where digital currency is being used for financial transactions, and that it is planning to establish an electronic trading platform in Nigeria.”

The NIOC said in the statement that it had established a trading company in Nigeria with a focus on digital currency and the implementation of its digital payments system in Nigeria.

“The company will establish a trading platform and establish a mobile app, and it will facilitate the trading of digital currencies and provide services in the areas of financial services, digital currency exchanges, asset transfer and remittance services,” the statement added.

The NIOTC said that it was also considering establishing a digital trading company, “as a countermeasure to the current situation of cyber-attacks.””

It is also preparing to establish another digital currency market in Nigeria through its digital currency trade platform,” it said.

The NIOTC said that it was also considering establishing a digital trading company, “as a countermeasure to the current situation of cyber-attacks.”

According to the Iranian Foreign Ministry, in September 2017, the Iranian Ministry of Finance approved the establishment of the Iranian National Exchange for Digital Finance, a subsidiary of the NIOC.

According to an interview with the NIOTB, NIOC is the first Iranian company to set itself up as a digital exchange in Africa.

The Iranian Ministry said in August that it will establish an exchange in Guinea in 2018 and that Nigeria’s Digital Finance Fund would be the official recipient of the fund.

The fund was established to provide financial services to digital currency startups and facilitate digital exchange of digital currency in Africa, according to the NIOB statement.

The ministry said that NIOC would open its first Nigerian trading facility by 2018.

In 2017, Nigeria’s Finance Ministry approved the opening of the Nigerian National Exchange (NEO) as a central bank for the digital currency industry.

The NEO was set up in September 2018.

According the Ministry, NIOB and the NEO will collaborate to create and implement a digital asset exchange and remittances system, as well as the digital trading platform.

In October 2018, the NIOSO issued a joint letter to Nigerian officials and the African Union in support of digital asset exchanges in Nigeria and its territories.

Nigeria’s Finance Minister, Ali Zeidan, told the Nigeria Daily that the country’s financial institutions have already started to accept digital currencies for payments, adding that Nigeria will soon become a hub for digital asset trading in Africa and its regions.

According a report by Bloomberg, in December 2017, Nigerian officials said that the nation’s central bank had granted permission to establish the countrys first virtual currency exchange, the NEO.

In December 2018, Nigeria opened its first virtual trading platform for digital currencies.

In February 2019, the first digital asset, the NIO, was launched.

In May 2019, Nigeria will open a second virtual trading facility in Abuja, which is already set up by the NEO in conjunction with the Central Bank of Nigeria.

According, in August 2019, Nigerian Finance Minister Ali Zeidan said that Nigeria is planning on establishing the country first digital exchange.

The Nigerian government plans to open a digital assets trading center and remit funds electronically through the NEO and also launch a mobile money app.

In June 2019, Abuja City Council approved the creation of the first virtual money exchange, an exchange operated by the National Digital Asset Exchange (NDEX) for digital assets, in conjunction of the Central Government of Nigeria, in partnership with the NDOE.

According in the NDA, the NDEX will allow digital assets to be traded in the central bank and remitted through the NDI.

The NDEX aims to establish three main digital assets: NDI, NDI and NDI Plus.

The NDEX was set to open its main operations in 2019, but it has been delayed by the delay of the NDDOE, according the NKA.

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