Why the world has no real money

Currency is hard to find in many countries.

But that’s not stopping some people from making it their own.

The world has an infinite supply of money, but that supply is limited.

That means that no one can spend it all and everyone can only ever have enough.

There are only so many times that a currency can be used, so everyone needs a way to transfer money.

There’s no such thing as a paper currency.

There is only gold.

And so the idea of a paper money emerged.

Now we have all sorts of currencies out there, and they all share a common goal.

They all try to be useful and convenient.

But none of them is perfect.

In this episode of Money, Money, How Does Money Really Work?

we take a closer look at some of the most popular and most annoying currencies.

You’ll hear about the origins of the word paper, the concept of a gold standard, how we make money by spending it, and how money works.

What are the biggest and baddest currencies in the world?

We’ve talked about the world’s biggest, most annoying and most expensive currencies, but how do they compare?

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