Why China’s currency has fallen 2.4% to $1,100 per US dollar

China’s yuan is on a tear as the world’s second-biggest economy struggles to maintain stability amid slowing growth.

China’s central bank has cut the yuan’s exchange rate for foreign exchange and the currency has lost more than half its value against the dollar over the past three months.

Its central bank, the People’s Bank of China, has been pushing hard to drive down its currency to a level it can afford to service the nation’s $4 trillion trade deficit.

The yuan is up 5.2% against the greenback since January, and has been trading at around 1,100 US cents per US cent since last Thursday, when the central bank launched a new currency swap program, or CWC.

It is a move to shore up confidence in the economy amid a weakening global economy.

China has seen a sharp drop in its foreign exchange reserves in recent months.

It also has been struggling to meet its foreign trade obligations.

The currency has tumbled amid growing uncertainty about China’s ability to sustain growth amid the global economic slowdown.

The economy is expected to shrink this year by as much as 2.5%, according to government data.

China is currently facing a severe shortage of foreign exchange, especially as it struggles to meet currency and exchange controls with the U.S. and other world powers.

The government is pushing to reduce the yuan by a third to 2,000 yuan per US cents to counter the currency’s weakening.

However, the currency will continue to fall.

The CWC has already allowed banks and investors to exchange yuan for other currencies, such as the euro and the dollar.

It does not yet include other emerging market currencies.

China last month announced that it will introduce an emergency CWC for foreign-exchange transactions.

That would allow banks and brokers to swap yuan for dollar and euro.

The Chinese central bank said in a statement that it would not impose a new CWC in this situation.

It has already eased restrictions on foreign exchange trades, and said it would gradually ease them over the coming weeks.

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