Hungary’s economy minister: We need to continue to keep economic gains from 2015

Hungary’s economic minister has told lawmakers the country’s economy needs to remain strong during a new financial crisis.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s government has repeatedly blamed the European Central Bank for causing the country to default on its debt payments in late 2015.

“We need to remain in a position where we are doing well,” said Hungarian Economy Minister Janos Kotlyar.

“We need the ECB to keep the country in the position where it is doing well.”

Kotlyar made the remarks at the beginning of a public hearing on the countrys debt crisis, according to the state-run broadcaster MTI.

Kotlars government has been widely criticized for the bailout package, which included billions in loans to the country from the European Union.

It is not known how much of the debt was paid in the first year of the deal, though Kotlars has said the debt payments will be substantial.

The debt crisis in Hungary is the biggest since the communist regime was toppled by a revolution in 1989.

Koblenz, a former communist party member, is a member of the ruling Fidesz party.

The country is currently in a deep economic slump.

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