Which currency is the Norwegian currency?

This article first appeared on ABC News.

A currency exchange has been forced to suspend operations after Norwegian police said a man who had bought an iPhone 7 from a customer who was carrying a Norwegian currency note had committed the crime.

The Norwegian exchange, Kverksmuseum, said it was suspending its services until the investigation was complete.

Kverks Museum, which is a museum of Norwegian art, said the incident took place in the town of Kver, just outside Oslo.

“We have received a complaint from the owner of the iPhone 7 that the customer had a Norwegian banknote in his pocket,” a spokesperson told the Norwegian news agency NRK.

In the report, police said they were called to the premises of a Norwegian restaurant after a woman noticed that a customer had bought a £20 note.

They said the woman told them that she was carrying the Norwegian note in her left hand and that she did not have a Norwegian ID card, nor a valid bank account.

She then noticed that the iPhone was not connected to the internet, and that the phone’s battery was running low.

When police arrived they found the woman’s phone had been “disconnected and had been replaced by a Norwegian mobile phone.”

The man, who was not identified in the report and is being interviewed, told police he had brought the note to the restaurant and the transaction had taken place without his knowledge.

Police said the suspect was “aware that he had an illegal transaction with a Norwegian money transmitter”.

“It is important to note that the suspect’s actions were not criminal and there was no evidence of any criminal intent.

However, the suspect is under investigation for the theft of Norwegian money,” they added.

Police say the suspect has been interviewed and released pending further enquiries.

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