How to use the ‘Bangladesh Dollar’ currency

Former dutch and Bangladesh currency have been swapped for the US dollar in the past week, a move that was widely anticipated.

Bangladeshi currency, the Dh3, has been exchanged for the dollar.

The exchange is likely to further strengthen Bangladesh’s position as the biggest market for US dollar transactions.

The swap occurred on Tuesday at the Bangladesh Monetary Authority, a central bank, with the US central bank.

The US has also started using the new currency in Bangladesh.

In a statement on Thursday, the Bangladesh Central Bank said: “The value of the US currency in the Bangladesh monetary system has increased from $1.4 trillion to $1 trillion since June 2018.”

The new Dh3 is the biggest single export-driven market for Bangladesh and accounts for 80% of exports.

Bangls currency is also used by a host of countries, including India, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and South Korea.

The new dollar is not expected to affect Bangladesh’s growth prospects.

In fact, it could actually strengthen the country’s competitiveness.

Banglishe economist Datta Jadhav said the exchange was expected to boost exports and boost exports to the US.

He said that the Dh1 was the lowest value and had no economic value.

Datta Jbhav said that Bangladesh’s currency had a low interest rate and that the exchange would strengthen the economy.

But he added that the new Dh1 would not be able to compete with the dollar because it does not have the same maturity.

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