How to get your bitcoin to China

China is the world’s biggest bitcoin investor and trading hub.

Now the world is watching and wondering if it is too late to get in on the bitcoin craze.

The country is on track to become the world market leader in bitcoin this year, according to CoinDesk’s latest survey of global bitcoin activity.

In fact, the bitcoin bubble is on the verge of bursting, and the government is on alert, according a recent report in Bloomberg.

It says the yuan-China dollar conversion rate, the most common benchmark for bitcoin trading in the world, is 1.15 yuan to the dollar.

That’s the equivalent of $1.27.

That’s a huge amount of money.

If China wants to become a bitcoin hub, it will need to quickly convince investors that bitcoin is a legitimate currency.

That might be hard, but the country has the technology and infrastructure to do so.

The Chinese central bank, the People’s Bank of China, is a big player in the bitcoin space.

It has a huge number of trading desks, and is responsible for overseeing the Chinese yuan.

And it has some of the most stringent regulatory controls.

The yuan is one of the world in terms of the types of currencies that can be used for trade and money transfers.

It can’t be used as a reserve currency, and it cannot be used in any way as a store of value.

It is the main currency used for transactions around the world.

And China has the infrastructure to facilitate that.

Its central bank has already approved bitcoin as a legal tender in its domestic financial system.

The People’s Republic of China is a huge consumer of global financial transactions.

The country has one of world’s largest financial services sectors.

And in June, the country approved bitcoin payments in cash, making it the first country in the developed world to do that.

The PBOC has said it will regulate bitcoin exchanges, which means that if a company wants to make a bitcoin payment, it must get a government license to do business in China.

That means that the company will have to get a license for its operations in China to be able to make the payment.

China’s central bank said in July that it would start issuing bitcoin licenses for bitcoin transactions.

But it didn’t specify when that would happen.

It’s still too early to tell if the Chinese government will follow through on the promise to make bitcoin transactions legal.

It’s also unclear if the central bank is ready to put its weight behind bitcoin’s potential as a safe-haven currency.

But even if it’s not, bitcoin is on its way to becoming the dominant digital currency in China, and China is on pace to become one of its biggest trading hubs.

The Economist’s Bitcoin Cash ETF is currently trading at about $3,300 per bitcoin.

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