Portugal to pay $7.5 billion in bribes in bitcoin deal

The Portuguese government has agreed to pay nearly $7 billion in fines and penalties in the case of a corrupt financial official who oversaw the country’s bitcoin trading.

The decision by the Constitutional Court to take over the case from the Constitutional Tribunal means the country will pay a $7,000 fine and $5.5 million in penalties, according to the government.

The case was brought by the former chief of the cryptocurrency exchange, who had ties to the countrys former President, António Costa, as well as other officials.

The former chief and others had been accused of using the cryptocurrency to pay bribes to state officials.

The court will decide on the case at a hearing on April 20, according a government statement.

The court will determine whether the charges were valid.

Costa was convicted in 2016 of corruption and money laundering, and sentenced to three years in prison.

The Supreme Court last year upheld Costa’s conviction, and ordered a retrial.

The money laundering charges stemmed from the 2014 sale of more than $1 billion worth of bitcoin, the cryptocurrency that has a high price volatility.

Costa’s alleged trading activities in the digital currency led to the collapse of his bitcoin exchange and led to him being extradited to Portugal in 2018.

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