How to get a free US currency exchange quote

The dollar is the world’s second-most widely used currency, according to a new report from Credit Suisse, which estimates the value of the currency in $5.4 trillion.

The report also said that while the US is the top exporter of the greenback, the dollar has slipped to number three in the world behind China and India.

“The global economy has been largely flat over the past few years, and the US has remained a big contributor to the global economy,” said Robert Z. Baird, the firm’s chief economist.

“The US has been in a pretty strong position relative to other countries, particularly China, and has seen its exports fall, so that has impacted US trade in the global marketplace.”

But as the global trade imbalance has widened, the US dollar has also dropped significantly, falling to its lowest value in 10 years,” he said.

The report comes on the heels of another big blow to the dollar: last month, the Federal Reserve said that the US could be facing a “recovery” in the near future.

The Fed said that if the dollar held steady at around 79 US cents, the economy would add about 1.2 million jobs in the next three years, or about one-third of the growth from 2015.

But the Fed warned that the economy could be on track for a sharp drop in economic growth if the US doesn’t increase its spending on infrastructure and other areas.

The US trade deficit with China has surged to more than $1 trillion from $800 million a year ago, and is now the largest trade imbalance between the two countries.

China’s currency is set to weaken as the country faces slowing demand for its exports, but economists say it’s still not clear how that will impact the US economy.

In the latest Reuters poll, 52 percent of Americans said the economy will grow at least 2 percent this year, up from 49 percent in the last Reuters/Ipsos poll in August.

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