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Counterfeit Express is a leader in the counterfeit industry, providing best quality counterfeit currencies which have been proving to evade the most sophisticated readers and scanners. We are also a leader in SSD cleaning Solutions and activation powder. We print over 150 world banknotes.

We are your favourite, counterfeit online store.

With over 150 different highest quality, security evading counterfeit banknotes and world-class SSD Cleaning Solutions, express turn-around time and delivery – Counterfeit Express has position itself as an industry leader in the Counterfeit industry globally. 

We also provide worldwide person-person exchange of banknotes and world-wide washing services. We have built a global network of providers to meet each client needing our services at their door-step.

Counterfeit printing

We’ll print over 150 worldwide banknotes in record time and for less!

Discreet Packaging & Shipping

We’ll provide discreet packaging and shipping to secure your privacy.!

SSD Solutions

We’ll provide you with the best SSD washing products and services delivered right at your door-steps!

Excellent Customer Service

We’ll ensure you are always satisfied with our products and services!

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Best quality counterfeit money & SSD Solutions at affordable price!

We provide quick turn-around on all orders even on large scale orders.

The security and privacy of each client and transaction is of great value to us and we will not share your information and ensure the security of each transaction.

We will ensure your transaction and packages remains your privacy.

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